#WhereIsBassel Global Events: Photo Gallery

The #WhereIsBassel campaign has spread globally. On March 19, 2016, marking the week of the 4th anniversary of Bassel’s arrest, people from all over the world asked together: #WhereIsBassel? London, Berlin, Paris, Toulouse, Sicily, Boston, San Francisco, Shenzen, Singapore and Beirut – all called out for the Syrian government to reveal Bassel’s whereabouts and send him free.

When Bassel returns home,
he will see these photos showing
his friends, lovers and supporters
calling out for him.
Bassel will know that
he has never been forgotten
for a second.


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Bahraini Blogger Sentenced to Jail Over “Insulting Religion” on Twitter

Faisal Hayyat, a prominent blogger and sports journalist, was sentenced on November 29 by a Bahraini court to 3 months imprisonment for ‘insulting a sect and a religious figure’ on Twitter. Hayyat was arrested on October 9, a few days after posting tweets critical to the Bahraini government. On his tweets Hayyat commented on events from early Islamic history. The conviction was based on article 209 of the…

Pro-Ukrainian Blogger Arrested for Posting Online About Life in Military-held Luhansk

Eduard Nedeliayev, a pro-Ukrainian blogger, was arrested in the occupied city of Luhansk. Nedeliayev is accused by Russian-backed militants of cooperating with the Ukrainian Secret Services and the Aidar battalion. The blogger was claimed by the “Ministry of State Security” to post extremist materials on social media. However, his supporters assert that Nedeliayev was only sharing the real life under military-held Luhansk. In a search conducted at his house,…

Kazakhstan: Human Rights Defenders Sentenced to Five Years Over Critical Posts on Facebook

Human rights defenders Max Bokayev and Talgat Ayan were sentenced on November 28 in Kazakhstan to 5 years in prison for organizing peaceful protests earlier this year and publishing critical posts on Facebook. The charges ranged from ‘institution of social discord’ under Article 174 of the Criminal Code, ‘dissemination of knowingly false information’ under Article 274, to ‘violation of the procedure of organisation and…


Two Saudi Women Sentenced to 20 Lashes for Using Bad Language Over WhatsApp

Two women were sentenced by Saudi court in Jeddah to 10 days in prison and 20 lashes each, over using bad language while arguing with each other on WhatsApp. The messages were ruled to contain ‘impermissible expressions’. The women were warned by court that they would face worse punishment if they repeat their use of bad language. The case was brought to court two…

Persecuted Malaysian Cartoonist Zunar Arrested Today After Being Attacked by Pro-Gvt Thugs

Zunar, the Malaysian award winning political cartoonist and activist, was arrested today, 26 November, under the Sedition Act for cartoons that allegedly insulted Prime Minister Najib Razak. The arrest took place a day after being attacked by dozens of pro-government thugs. Due to the attack, Zunar was forced to call off his exhibition in Penang, northern to Kuala Lumpur. Zunar was verbally abused, physically attacked…

Indian Rationalist In Exile For Over 4 Years After Being Accused of Blasphemy

Sanal Edamaruku, a 61-year-old Indian man, was forced to flee India after being accused of blasphemy over exposing claimed “miracle” at a local church in Mumbai for being a fraud. Edamaruku has been living in Finland in the past 4 years to evade his arrest. Edamaruku, president of the Indian Rationalist Association, describes himself as a ‘miracle-buster’ who aims to demystify false superstitious beliefs.…

Ethiopia: Zone 9 Blogger Befeqadu Hailu Arrested Citing ‘State of Emergency’

Befeqadu Hailu Techanie (Amharic: በፍቃዱ ኃይሉ), a 36-year-old blogger and a member of the persecuted Zone 9 collective, was arrested by Ethiopian authorities on November 10, following a 6 month state of emergency declared by the government. No official reason was provided by authorities to the blogger’s arrest. However, according to some reports, his criticism of the emergency state on an interview for Voice of…