Month: April 2015

To Protect the Most Fundamental Rights of Internet Users, We Must Always Be Skeptical of Any Call for Regulation

An editorial by Jimmy Wales Foundation published on the Huffington Post:

“When considering the issue of regulating the Internet, we must not overlook the possible harmful implications of even seemingly minor regulation. Every governmental intervention carries with it limitation of personal rights, whether its primarily aim is to serve the governments’ interests and control or even where it is limited solely to the legitimate purpose of protecting and serving the citizens themselves”

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Facebook and Twitter to Campaign Against Turkey Court Order Allowing Ban

Social networking sites Facebook and Twitter are planning to launch an appeal against a Turkish court order that allows authorities to shut down access whenever they want. The campaign is part of the latest crackdown by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on social media in Turkey. Twitter and the video-sharing site YouTube were both inaccessible for several hours after an image…

United States Criticizes Russia for Freedom of Speech Clampdown in Crimea

A slew of media outlets in Russia-annexed Crimea have been shut down by authorities, evoking outcry from the United States, who say Moscow is ignoring media freedoms. Crimea’s sole independent TV channel, ATR, which broadcasts in the Crimean Tatar language, was taken off air due to alleged mistakes in re-registering for its license. However, the move was widely seen as an…