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Techdirt Blogger Faces $15 Million Libel Suit by ‘Inventor of Email’

Mike Masnick, the founder of the tech blog Techdirt, is facing a libel suit on the excessive amount of 15 Million USD in compensatory damages by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai. The lawsuit is based on a series of 14 blog posts published on Techdirt between 2014 and 2016, challenging Ayyadurai’s claim to be the inventor of email. In the lawsuit filed in Massachusetts, USA, the blog posts…

#WhereIsBassel Global Events: Photo Gallery

The #WhereIsBassel campaign has spread globally. On March 19, 2016, marking the week of the 4th anniversary of Bassel’s arrest, people from all over the world asked together: #WhereIsBassel? London, Berlin, Paris, Toulouse, Sicily, Boston, San Francisco, Shenzen, Singapore and Beirut – all called out for the Syrian government to reveal Bassel’s whereabouts and send him free.

When Bassel returns home,
he will see these photos showing
his friends, lovers and supporters
calling out for him.
Bassel will know that
he has never been forgotten
for a second.


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Jimmy Wales: “The world needs to ask: #WhereIsBassel?”

An editorial by Jimmy Wales Foundation published on The Guardian:

“Khartabil is a member of the Wikipedia community, a true believer in free knowledge and freedom of expression. His arbitrary arrest, torture and rumoured death sentence are not only grave violations of International Human Rights Law, but also a significant blow to our shared values of internet freedom and free speech”

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