Special: Article by Nejoud Al-Yagout, Censored Kuwaiti Human Rights Activist: “All Colors of the Rainbow”

All Colors of the Rainbow

by Nejoud Al-Yagout

Today, as I ponder the plight of the LGBT community around the globe, tears come to my eyes. We have been living on this planet for millennia, but continue to judge another human being by who s/he loves.

I wonder what it would be like if I were raised in a society where homosexuals were the majority, and I was forced to love a member of my own gender. Yes, forced. Because if I did not comply with societal norms, I may be flogged, imprisoned, encouraged to get married to – in this case – a member of my own gender, have exorcism arranged for the evil spirits to leave me, or bullied and ostracized. I would have to be quiet and could only come out to a few people I trusted that I, a female, was attracted to a male! If placing ourselves in the shoes of others increases empathy, perhaps we are on this planet, rife with diversity, to exercise compassion and tolerance, to practice humanity and acceptance.

As humans with egos, judgment comes easy, while nature honors homosexuality and bisexuality – in animals and plants. Instead of learning from nature, we have resorted to labels. But this label is particularly dangerous because we are suppressing the inclinations of a soul who wants to love and be loved.

I yearn to live in a world where even the term homosexuality is obliterated from our vocabulary. This would be the mark of true ascension. Even if our conditioning disagrees with us, we must resist for the sake of mankind, because hate crimes against the LGBT community are still rampant. Again, I feel like crying. How blind have we become to the suffering of others?

I ask us to awaken and put ourselves in the shoes of the individuals who love those of their own gender – in this matrix. We can venture beyond our ideologies and meet everyone, straight or gay, in the void – where there are no labels. We can surprise ourselves with our capacity to love. We can truly surprise ourselves with our radical capacity for love. You and me.

Nejoud Al-Yagout is the founder of Co-Exist Kuwait, an initiative to bridge cultural and ideological divides in her country. She often writes about freedom of worship and laments that in her country, as she states, “there are mosques in every corner, only a handful of churches, and nothing else.” Al-Yagout envisions a country with temples, gurdwaras and ashrams. And though people scoff at her idealism, she continues to write on behalf of the suppressed and ostracized. Her debut novel, Motorbikes and Camels was published on September 8th, 2018. Due to censorship issues, she cannot sell her book in her country, but it is available on Amazon. She is also a published poet and essayist. Her articles and poems have been featured in Tikkun, Best Self MagazineCarte Blanche, Women’s Spiritual PoetryThe Master ShiftThought CatalogArab TimesThe DivanKuwait TimesAl RaiGet Out Blog and Global Chatter MagazineYou can find more information on her website: www.nejoudalyagout.com. 

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