Indian Police Arrest Activist for Screening Banned Rape Documentary

Ketan Dixit

Katan Dixit, a young Indian activist, was arrested by local police after defying the government’s ban on the documentary India’s Daughter by unofficially screening it to 60 people in his village, using white bedsheets and borrowed equipment.

Dixit used improvised equipment to show the banned documentary at the compound of his family in the village Roopdhanu, near the city Agra. The screening was made on International Women’s Day.

The controversial documentary was banned after stirring a vivid debate in India for severely criticising the the Indian justice system, Indian officials and the Indian society for the degrading treatment of women in the state and the forgiving attitude towards sexual assaults.

The film was made by the British documentary-maker Leslee Udwin. It covers the case of the 2012 deadly gang rape in Delhi of the young student Jyoti Singh Pandey. The 23-year-old physiotherapy intern was sexually assaulted and deadly beaten by six men while taking a ride on a public bus. She died from her wounds after fighting for her life for two days.

Dixit, a journalist and a documentarist himself, was quoted by The Guardian saying:

“This is the beginning of a series of protests. We will also lodge a protest petition online against this ban”

Dixit has been leading the Stop Acid Attack campaign against the wide spreading Acid attacks in India, conducted primarily against women. The campaign demands firmer authorities action against the cruel assaults. It demands a concrete law against the unique attack, while categorizing it under “violence against women, physical, mental and sexual assault”.


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