Saudi Woman Released After 3 Months in Jail for “Insulting Islam” on Twitter

Suad Al-Shammari

Suad Al-Shammari, a Saudi blogger and women’s rights activist, was released after 3 months in prison over tweets relating to Islamic religious leaders. Her arrest followed formal complaints by the religious figures, who found the tweets “offensive to Islam and Prophet Mohammad”.

The activist has been unfavorable by the Saudi authorities after co-founding the Saudi Liberal Network blog with Raif Badawi.

Al-Shammari was arrested in 28 October 2014. She rejected the claims that her tweets were targeting Islam. She was kept in custody without charge for nearly 3 months. Al-Shammari was held in the women’s section at the General Prison of Briman in Jeddah until January 29. According to her daughter, Sarah al-Rimaly, her release was conditioned by her commitment to sign a pledge “to reduce her activities”.

Al-Shammari is a well known critic of the Saudi regime’s treatment of women. She participated in the campaign to allow women to drive cars in Saudi Arabia.

Reports in Saudi Arabia indicate that repeating requests have been made by a commission to support Prophet Mohammad (PBuH) to shut down Al-Shammari’s social media account, due to her offensive comments towards Islam through “misleading and misinformed” tweets.

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