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UK-Iranian Roya Nobakht Released After 5 Years in Prison Over Facebook Posts

Roya Nobakht, a UK-Iranian citizen who was jailed in Iran over criticizing government on Facebook, was released on Friday, August 25, 2017, after serving 5 years in prison. She is currently subjected to a 2-year travel ban until her reduced 7 years imprisonment sentence will be completed. Roya Saberinejad (also spelled “Saberi-Negad”) Nobakht is a 49-year-old Iranian-British woman, who served time…

One Question The Jimmy Wales Foundation Asks: “Where is Bassel?”

An article by Jay Nordlinger on the Jimmy Wales Foundation at National Review:

Speaking of the Internet: Onstage at the Nye Theater, addressing the Oslo Freedom Forum, is Jimmy Wales, a co-founder of Wikipedia. Not everyone can use Wikipedia. Wales tells us that it’s blocked in China, among other places.

The speaker has a foundation, the Jimmy Wales Foundation, which is dedicated to freedom of expression, especially online. They highlight cases — specific human-rights cases, involving real and persecuted people — which is gratifying: It’s better to talk about individual cases than about human rights in general.

You know who was strongly of this view? Andrei Sakharov.

One question the Wales Foundation asks is, “Where is Bassel?” That would be Bassel Khartabil, who once led Creative Commons Syria. He was seized by the Syrian dictatorship in 2012. A few years later, they disappeared him (to read about his case, go here).

Also, what about Roya Saberinejad? She is a British citizen of Iranian origin who went back to her native land to visit family — and was imprisoned. Why? On Facebook, she had written a few critical words about the Iranian regime. She has since been subjected to the worst that that regime has to offer, which is hellish (to read about her, go here).

I’m glad, to say the least, that Wales and his foundation are doing this work.

Incidentally, he says something amusing. He says, “People often tell me, ‘I’d like to write you, but I can’t get a hold of you.’ I’m the easiest person in the world to get a hold of. Just Google ‘Jimmy Wales’s e-mail address.’”

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National Review

Roya Nobakht: UK-Iranian Woman Imprisoned in Iran Over Facebook Posts

Who Is Roya Nobakht? Roya Saberinejad (also spelled “Saberi-Negad”) Nobakht is a 48-year-old Iranian-British woman, currently serving time in an Iranian jail after posting comments on Facebook criticizing the Iranian regime for being too controlling and “too Islamic”. Roya was arrested in October 2013, during a visit to her family in Iran under the suspicion of “gathering and participation with intent to commit crimes against national security” and “insulting Islamic…